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Specialized production and export stack stone & ledge wall stone panel

Our fatory is specialized in mining,manufacturers natural slates, producing,and exporting various kinds of cultural stones veneer. Our company is located in YiXian county---“the capital of stone in China”,and is one of the famous professional stone company in North China.


Main Stack Stone Wall Cladding Stone Panels


white quartzite ledge wall stone & stack stone cladding panel



pure white (snow white,Statuario,super white)ledge wall stone & stack stone cladding panel


Slate Stack Ledge Wall Stone

Quartzite Stack Ledge Wall Stone Sandstone Stack Ledge Wall Stone cladding panel

Slate Ledge Wall Stone

Quartzite Ledge Wall Stone

Sandstone Ledge Wall Stone

P014_yellow_red_ledge_stone_rough_surface snow_white_ledge_wall_stone black_color_stack_ledge_cultured_stone_wall_cladding

Golden Dust, Rusty Yellow

White Color Stack Stone

Black color Stack Stone

tiger_skin_yellow_quartzite_stack_ledge_wall_stone pink_quartz_stack_stone_wall_cladding_panel_ledge_wall_stone green_quartz_stacked_wall_cladding_veneer_ledge_wall_stone_panel

Yellow Color Stack Stone

Red, Pink Color Stack Stone

Green Color Stack Stone

Cultured Stone from china is cheap prices and low cost, As China Cultured Stone Supplier,we manufactured Cultured Stone Fireplaces Veneer ledge wall stone ,Retaining Walls,Indoor stone siding,stone exterior siding, cultured quartz stone.

Ledge Wall Stone is also called Cultured Stone,Wall Stone,Ledge stone,Cultural Stone,Culture Stone or Stacked Stone. Since ledge wall stone is made of natural stone,you can see their natural texture and veins on ledge wall stone. So,wherever you install the ledge wall stone indoor or outdoor,their texture and veins appears excellently. Then house owner's cultured spirit can be indicated.
We can use slate,quartzite,sandstone,marble and granite to make ledge wall stone. Different kinds of materials can show us their special textures and colours. We have developed more than 300 kinds of ledge wall stone by now.
Various peoples from global countries and regions are interested in our ledge wall stone. Because we are experienced in developing and manufacturing ledge wall stone. So,our ledge wall stone are very popular in Western Europe,Northern American,Australia,Asia and Mid-east. Our ledge wall stone is also becoming well-known by some people from Mediterranean,Africa and some islands in Pacific Ocean,Caribbean and Indian Ocean.

Available Finishing Shapes: Edges glued,Strips glued,Corner glued, Column glued.
Available Size: 60x15cm, 45x15cm, 35x18cm, 40X20cm, 30X10cm, Z Type.